They’ve been at it for a decent while now, 20 years or so. I’ve always chosen my magazines of preference by their covers. If there is a girl in heels bent over the latest graphics card I go for the magazine which shows how it renders instead. New processor fan? I’ll take the information which doesn’t have siliconised lips pouting a perversely pious puff.

I think they just don’t know their market and no-one has corrected them. Whilst I’d happily “Fus Do Rah!” through the entire blogosphere if Eugenia Diordiychuk or Faye Reagan endorsed something tech – they are from tech. Their sexual prowess has sparked the internet from the inside out. It would be a gimmick, a one-off. Whereas someone like Amanda Congdon burns empowered sexually attractive woman who has brains and would probably wipe the floor with most hetero males at thinking games.

Perhaps if they knew that tech consumers (Real ones, not Apple fans) actually thought about the products they purchase they’d focus on that important aspect and leave the models and their prancing stances for the hoi polloi which will receive them better.

Nice to hear someone pipe up about it, cheers Terence!