I’ve just returned from a weeks holiday and had the opportunity for some heavy use of the 511EB. Overall the experiance was superb. Bright sun provided no hinderence to reading (something iPad users wont be able to say) and even after a full days reading there was no eye soreness (unlike back lit screens)

The only downside I found was that the ghosting of text sometimes got to be annoying, however since getting home and installing the firmware upgrade this has all but disappeared.

In comparison with my wife who took paperbacks instead my observations were that

1. I could slip all my books into a jacket pocket rather than take up valuable case weight
2. I had dozens of books to choose from – unlike my wife who had read her 3 books by day four and had to resort to the hotels book swap shelf
3. I didnt need to charge the reader all week despite 5-6 hours reading per day.
4. I couldnt read during take off and landing (them’s the rules)
5. I’m less likely to leave the 511 on the sunbed as a marker whilst I nip off for a few minutes.
6. Dont sit on it by mistake if you do leave it as a marker on your sunbed as that loud cracking noise is going to be expensive.(nearly happened)
7. I need to get a better case as the pencil case I’m using the dye comes off in warmer more humid conditions and its leaving marks on the casing
8. My wife now wants her own 511 – ordered