My hubby bought me the ebook at the beginning for February as a (very) belated Christmas present. I’m fairly happy overall, with a few exceptions: I need to convert most of my ebooks to txt to avoid Chinese characters and to be able to use all the menu options, such as search and saved page. At least on mine, if I’m reading a book on a word doc I need to (painfully) skip page by page until I reach the correct one. On a txt book, it automatically directs me to the last page read.
Another problem is pdfs and image files (I’ve only used jpgs so far). If the image is bigger than the screen, or if I zoom it out, I can only see the top left corner of the image, I haven’t been able to work out how to “navigate” through it.
Hopefully, the next update, postponed, as it was mentioned, to the 22nd, should fix this.
Something else I’m not happy about is the lack of a cover/case. As I use it mostly at home, it is not a big problem, but I’m always afraid of dropping it or of my little one getting his hands on my toy (my son has already destroy one mobile phone…)
The mp3 option I thought it was going to be useless, but I find it easier to carry just the ereader than both the ereader and my mp3 player. But it does exhaust the battery a lot faster. It plays through the speakers or using earphones, so that’s great. I tried recording my son’s babbling, but I played it back and I didn’t think it recorded loud enough. Maybe I just need to look harder at the different options.
Finally, I thought the lack of charger was very cheeky. Just imagine buying a mobile and then being told you need to buy the charger separately. I don’t think so. Their loss, as I discovered that I could use the old charger for the aforementioned destroyed mobile, as it perfectly compatible. Check your amps first before trying this out at home!! It takes half the time than charging it on the computer.
All things considered, I’m happy with my latest toy. In a couple of years’ time, I’ll probably find it terribly outdated, but I think the same of my first mobile, and my first mp3 player. Anybody remembers their first walkman?