Hi Terence

thanks for the great review!

Just bought a 511 today on the strength of your it Was admiring my new baby and decided to give it its initial charge, so I plugged it in to my PC’s usb port and a red light came on to indicate charging. All well and good. But then it all went horribly wrong!

I had a bit of a problem with the pc and I rebooted forgetting that I had the e-reader attached. It had only received about 20 mins charge at this point, instead of the initial 8 hours (at least) recommended. When the PC came on again the red light was off. I tried pressing the power button but it came on blue.

Does this mean that:

a I’ve messed up my (irreplacable) batteries charge lifespan somehow by interrupting it?
b the batttery came fully charged for some reason? Has anyone else got one fully charged or nearly so?

Any help would be appreciated as I’m leaning towards the former as it ‘coincidentally’ went off red when I interrupted it, and it has taken the shine off my new toy.