This sounds like a very nice Ereader but there is now so little between the Sony PRS300 pocket and Elonex 511eb which one to go for?

The Sony can be bought for £139(WHSmiths) or £149(Waterstones)
The Elonex £129(Waterstones)
The main differences at this moment are the SOny has lots more accessories such as charger and cases.
Although after speaking to Elonex customer services on 29/01/2010, they did say in the next few weeks a charger will be available as will a case!

So the only major difference now is that the Elonex has removeable memory.
It’s also a bit ominous where we can buy everything from as the Waterstones stores I spoke to told me once the Elonex had sold out it wouldn’t be stocked again, it was just a limited edition.

So with the price of these two units so close which to go for now?
Read very hit and miss reviews on the Sony for loading bought books as the Sony software is so bad…….
So still not totally clear cut.