Hi all, just received delivery of that 6.99 leatherette case from Ebay Ebay link It’s decent for the money. Don’t think it’s REAL leather but 6.99…who can argue?! It fits the Elonex almost perfectly. It’s got two leather flaps on the corners of the inside cover that the Elonex fits nicely into, and there are two elastic straps to slide over the opposite corners to keep it there. The elastic straps *just* don’t fit properly…I think only because the corners on the Elonex are rounded, but I found that with some playing around, I can get all four corners snugly fit and it doesn’t seem to move. Perfect!
Also, there’s a stud fastner to keep it closed, but it feels to me to be on the wrong side. If you open it as you’d normally expect to (with the fastener facing you to the right) the Elonex is upside down on the inside left…counter-intuitive!
I find that putting the Elonex in upside down and using the cover the other way round works better, and when it opens the Elonex is the right way up on the left, with easy access to the page turning buttons.
All in all, absolute bargain at 6.99, plus 3.99 delivery. It took just over a week to deliver from Hong Kong.