ive got a lovely case, but it wasnt cheap and had to be ordered from the usa.
i measured up my machine to the others instore and found it was approx the same dimensions as the prs 600 (sony).
so i ordered from here
here are some pics if your intrested

the case is made of leather with swade inside, and is very well made. it fits perfectly on our machines except the top left hand corner sometimes moves over, but the machine is still solid in there. it could do with being tighter but i can move it around and upside down without any worrys. – i could always pad it behind the machine if it became an issue which i dont think will happen.
it totalled up to £60 thats including the light (very handy) and delivery.
for the £10 extra i think its not cheap but good value that will protect the machine for years to come.