Thank you Terence for the superb Review of the Elonex 511.
I purchased one on Friday last and I was really impressed with it.
I have also encountered the problem of merged words with the pre-loaded books, which has already been highlighted.
Plus there’s another problem I’ve come across with two DRM ebooks that I downloaded from Waterstones. I transfered the ebooks to the 511EB and on trying to open either of the books, I get a “No Valid Licence for the Book” highlighted. Waterstones couldn’t help me and Elonex Support have informed me that the software is presently being updated.
I can’t find any mention of this issue on the Adobe website and no such problem mentioned on this site
I have to say that I’m not confident with Waterstones or Elonex Support and I would appreciate it if anyone has any ideas.
Thanks again.