Hi Terence

Excellent review and some very nice detail in the comments too. I’ve been using Microsoft Reader and Mobipocket on an ancient iPaq for a number of years now, keeping an eye on how the eink devices are progressing. On the back of this review and my excitement for it my fiance went and bought this yesterday for me as an early birthday present and I’m very please she did!

The Waterstone’s guy said the £129 was a “limited time offer” though he didn’t know when it would end, he expected the price to go up to £179 in the near future. Might have been sales schpiel though…I don’t know.

So far, first impressions of it are excellent. The screen is pin sharp, the device is very light and comfortable to hold and the page turn buttons are perfectly placed. I was well prepared for the formatting niggles, having put up with similar problems in Reader for a long time, and to be honest it’s not a major issue for me.

I use Calibre, which is a fantastic program. Almost to eBooks what iTunes is to music. And having easily converted all my .lit books into EPUB, there’s an option “Save to Disk” where I can specify to save all the EPUB files to disk, and copy every one of my books across in a oner, and have them sorted on the Elonex 511 in separate folders by author and title. Perfect!! =D

My other ebooks are mostly Mobipocket DRM, which I might have to re-purchase under an Adobe Digital Editions DRM version, but I can take the hit on that book by book if I decide it’s worth it.

So, in short, check with your local Waterstones to see if they think the price is going up soon as well. If it is, snap it up now. Using Calibre, even without the native support, is an absolute doddle, and I ‘d highly recommend this reader.

Thanks again Terence for the superb review!