Hi everyone,

I’m getting an error message when I try to open particular files (html) and wondered if anyone else experienced the same. I would be thankful if you could try the sequence described below to see if the error is reproduced, or it is a particular issue with my reader:
(1) Open Bookcase, then Free Books, go to page 4 and open book No 4 (‘Les Miserables’). The book cannot be open and a message appears ‘Note. Current file error or non-existence!’. The same happens when I try to open ‘War and Peace’ (the last of the free books).
(2) If I now try to open some of the other html books, some of them would open, but some wouldn’t. For example, ‘Bleak house’ on page 2 of the free books catalogue would not open.
(3) Turning the device off and/or resetting it helps to some extent, as after this I can open for example ‘Bleak house’ (but only if I hadn’t tried ‘Les Miserables’ or ‘War and Peace’ before this). The reader works until I try again one of the odd books (‘Les Miserables’ or ‘War and Peace’) which replicates the problem.
(4) I don’t think the problem is with the SD card or similar, as when the reader is attached to the PC as an USB device, the PC is able to read everything from the card perfectly well, including the odd books.
(5) Finally, I downloaded ‘War and Peace’ and ‘Bleak house’ from Project Gutenberg in html and epub format to check. The epubs of both books work fine. The htmls behave exactly the same as described above (‘War and Peace’ doesn’t work and appears to affect subsequent attempts to open ‘Bleak house’), which makes me think there is a glitch in the reader html parser, or perhaps my device may have a hardware problem. I wondered if this is what Elonex meant with the ‘100 free books issue’ message on their web site, or they referred to the formatting problems.

Two clarifications to my previous post above. ‘Shoes’ is a typo and should read ‘shows’. The other thing is that only Arial seems to be an unicode font.