Bought the Elonex from Waterstones yesterday. When I asked about the terms of the guarantee, I was told it would be 21 days! After I explained patiently that this would be unacceptable, they admitted to a full year (but not before a 10 minutes phone call to check).

I wouldn’t repeat the points already made in the other reviews, but will just add a few additional things.

My one came fully charged. When I plugged it to the PC (WinXP), the device was recognised all right. The charging light did not come on, however, but I suppose this is because it came charged.

The contrast is very good, page turn is fast for an eink screen.

For the multilingual readers: it sems that the fonts are unicode. At least I tried it with a plain UTF8 text file containing Latin and Cyrillic and it displays fine. I also tried Cyrillic pdf with embedded fonts (about 950 KB). It also shows, although page turn is slower after reflow. Some special characters may not appear however (see above Terence’s tests). I haven’t played with latin accented characters, umlauts etc. so don’t know if they show up correctly.

Search function. There is a search function within the ebook text. To use it, press menu, which will show the available options, one of them is search. I checked it briefly, and it seems to be case sensitive. PDFs however don’t have the search option (which may also be the case for some of the other formats, I haven’t chacked all).

My reader shoes the same format blunders with the free books as already reported. Hopefully Elonex will get out a firmware update quickly.