I recently bought a Elonex Reader from Waterstones, there was no working model on display and after breaking the seal after purchase.
I noticed the bug mentioned above with the Classic Ebooks and found 2 or more words merging in to one, making it difficult to reader especially for my son who is dyslexic. I took it back to the same branch and was told it was not a fault and wasn’t allowed a refund. I was told it was either because I hadn’t charged the batteries or perhaps it was a transcription error. I was worried if I downloaded a ebook I would break the warranty and the fault would appear again.
The staff including the manager were adament that I was in the wrong and because I had opened it I was not entitled to a refund unless I could prove their was a fault.
i took it to another branch and they refunded it immediately and thanked me for point this production fault even though I travelled 30 miles to get a refund.
i now got the Sony PRS 300 although less facilities I don’t have the same problem, I hope they sort this problem out soon with the Elonex and this particular branch learns customer service it seems to be driven by profits and sales unlike the main branch.