Hi Terence,
Here is a typical PDF that i would like to be able to read on the 511EB if possible. The example PDF (Apple developers guide) can be downloaded from here: http://camplus.co.uk/tmp/iPhoneAppProgrammingGuide.pdf
Page 63 of the guide is a good example of a page with a simple small image together with a mixture of fonts of different sizes and thicknesses. it is 8MB is size which is reasonably typical for a PDF, but i have read that eReaders sometimes struggle with larger PDF documents due to their limited memory size.
Ideally i’d like to be able to read a horizontal line of text without having to scroll left and right, but I don’t mind having to scroll up and down.

I’ll try and find the link to the light for the 511EB now while I’m on a desktop PC.
Thanks again for all your help.