Hi Terence, thank you for your quick reply. My worry about viewing PDFs is that the text will be unreadable. When in portrait mode and you zoom to page width does it remove the White margins each side of the content so that the content fills the full screen? Is the PDF content still readable at this zoom level? The reason for the landscate/rotate question is that the Sony readers let you rotate a PDF and view it in landscape. Ie you see the top 70% of the PDF in full 800 pixels width and then you can scroll down to the bottom 30%. Unfortunately the Sony readers don’t offer zoom in landscape mode. There is a utility called soPDF (I think) that recodes PDFs to remove the side margins so you no longer have to zoom. This way you get to view the top 50% of the sceen with full width text over 800 pixels giving better resolution per letter. I’m now worried that you say there is no rotate option. Many thanks for your help.