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Once again, I dive into the confusing world of Mobile Internet Advertising. A world, so we're told, where the streets are paved with gold.

Based on the evidence I've accumulated, mobile advertising is subject to a lot of hype and not a lot of professionalism.

Take this example as seen on my BlackBerry 9000.

Flickr iPhone Advert

Flickr iPhone Advert

First off the bat, it gets my phone wrong. It should be using the User Agent to determine which advert to serve.

Well, let's be a good consumer and click on it any way...

iTunes' Web Interface saying "One moment please".

What the deuce?!

It has taken me to the Desktop version of the iTunes installation page - despite knowing I'm on a mobile!

What Should Have Happened?

How Can It Go So Wrong?!

I'm making the assumption that this is an advert by flickr.  It may well be an advert by a third-party who have a (chargeable) app for iPhone.

Even if it is the latter - why are they advertising on BlackBerry?  Or, rather, why is their advertising agency wasting their marketing budget by showing an advert on a device which can't support the content?

Make Sure Your Advert Works

It's not rocket science.  If people can't get to your product, they won't spend money with you.  They'll also get a negative impression of your brand.

2 thoughts on “Mobile Badvertising - Flickr & iPhone

    1. I imagine it's going via an Ad Server - but I wasn't able to catch which one it is. From the user's point of view, the click from the banner launches the browser to the iTunes installation page.

      Quite why Apple don't have a (mobile) web-page for those who can't install iTunes is a discussion for another day.

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