I have worked on dozens of Bluetooth Marketing campaigns and spoken to hundreds of different people about their experiences with Bluetooth. I have spent the last 6 months in daily contact with clients around the UK helping them to manage their BT campaigns. As a result I have received a wealth of feedback pertaining to every conceivable aspect of this type of marketing. It occured to me that the issue of Bluespamming has never been mentioned. With the exception of the guys in the next office to us we have not received word of a single complaint in regard to this subject.

Since beginning my employment at Fantastic Media I have only ever had positive responses from people receiving the Bluetooth content and can only conclude that this really isn’t a problem here in the UK.

The majority of people who receive a Bluetooth Marketing request will ignore it. Either through choice or because they were unaware of it. Some people will decline the message and a lot of devices will automatically decline such as Sat Navs and headsets etc. A smaller quantity of people will accept the content that they are being offered and choose to view it, store it or delete it.

Whatever the outcome nobody has ever complained about the alerts, to the contrary it seems that people are eager to receive free content with the most common support request we receive being a request to reverse a phone that declined the initial alert because the end user wants the ad after all.

We have a London network containing over 100 Bluetooth Marketing sites all at street level. with a variety of advertisers offering their products and promotions around the clock.. None of these Hotspots are attracting complaint from the millions of people walking by every day. The Bluetooth Advertising Industry has created work for programmers, developers, salespeople, hardware suppliers, manufacturers, resellers and Enrepeneurs. Because of it’s limitations it offers the same affordable solution to the small business owner as it does to the corporate client.

A South London Taxi firm sends Business Cards by Bluetooth to their passengers. Now running in all 300 vehicles the initial trial was abandoned prematurely after their customers complained if there WASN’T BlueBroadcaster messages being sent when they got in the cab.

Bluetooth Marketing is good for business and as a glorious advertisement for free speech it enables any individual use a cost free frequency to send their chosen message to passers by without the need for a licence or a permit from the council.
One guy sends out “Have a nice day” and nothing else.

Kind Regards