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To create your own QR Code, type into the box, then click the button.

QR Codes are 2D barcodes designed to give complex information in a compact and efficient graphical format.
Use your camera phone to snap the code and instantly get contact details, website URLs and more.
Read Wikipedia's QR Code article for more information.
Many phones already come with a barcode reader. If your camera phone doesn't, I recommend
BeeTagg iconBeeTagg (mobile friendly site)
Kaywa iconKaywa Reader (mobile friendly site)
i-nigma iconI-Nigma (mobile friendly site)
Qcode iconNeo Reader (mobile friendly site)
ZXing iconGoogle's Zebra Crossing (ZXing) (mobile friendly site)
Quickmark iconQuickMark (non-mobile site).

This service uses Y. Swetake's QRCode v0.50 to transform text into a QR Code.

QR Code ® is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Inc..