Android Security Cameras?

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For the last few years, I’ve been using Y-Cam security cameras to guard my home. I’ve stuck a couple up around the house. I can monitor what’s happening, get email alerts when movement is detected, and can stream the video to my phone. The latest versions also upload photos and videos directly to my server…

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Y-Cam Knight SD – Review & Linux Guide

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This is a review of the Y-Cam Knight SD. I previously reviewed the Y-Cam S in 2009. I got this camera for a 30% discount thanks to Y-Cam’s social media team. Adjust your bias filters accordingly. Unboxing Linux Set Up To set the camera up, you need to use its internal webserver. So, how can…

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Watching and Simultaneously Saving Video in mplayer – is it possible?

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This is a question I’ve posed in the Ubuntu forums, but I haven’t found the answer yet. I’ve got a great little IP security camera – the Y-Cam. It’s Internet accessible, so it can email me photos of any suspicious behaviour. It will also stream video and audio to a number of devices – including…

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