Book Preview: Bletchley's Secret Source - Churchill’s Wrens and the Y Service in World War Ⅱ by Peter Hore

Young female officers in a black and white photo.

This is the extraordinary untold story of the Y-Service, a secret even more closely guarded than Bletchley Park. The Y-Service was the code for the chain of wireless intercept stations around Britain and all over the world. Hundreds of wireless operators, many of them who were civilians, listened to German, Italian and Japanese radio networks […]

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Bletchley Park

Sign at a train station saying "Welcome to Bletchley. The home of Bletchley Park & Enigma."

Bletchley Park stands as a testament to the power of mathematics. It represents the idea that brains, not brawn, are vital to winning any conflict. Like many Brits, I learned about the Second World War at school. I devoured books - fiction and non - about the war. What interested me wasn't the tales of […]

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