Is It Wrong To Use A Svbtle Theme?

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For the last few months, I've been using the WordPress theme wp-svbtle. Even with my limited design sense, I think it looks rather spiffy. Recently though, I've had a few people on HackerNews and Twitter criticising me of "ripping off" Svbtle and accusing me of trying to defraud readers into thinking I was part of… Continue reading →

Making DynamicWP's Simple White Theme XHTML Compliant

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This blog is proud to be XHTML 1.0 Strict Compliant.  Just like it is polite to use correct spelling and grammar for human readers, I believe that correct markup is "polite" for rendering engines. I've recently started using DynamicWP's Simple White Theme.  The theme is excellent, but generated around 60 validation errors.  Luckily these were… Continue reading →

WordPress Mobile - For The Rest of Us

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WordPress is only for people rich enough to buy a smartphone and cool enough to choose the right brand.  Right? From the WordPress Blog: I like to moderate comments when I’m waiting for something: a checkout clerk to help me, the dentist to call me back to the office, a soy chai to be made.… Continue reading →

Why I Love Open Source

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There are many reasons to love Open Source Software.  It's free (as in you pay nothing), it's free (as in speech) and - perhaps my favourite reasons - it's free (as in liberating). By liberating, I mean that one isn't tied down to the product roadmap and release schedule of the developers.  If I find… Continue reading →

WordPress Plugin - YouTube for XHTML and Mobile

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This blog is XHTML 1.0 Strict. Unfortunately, the code produced by YouTube for embeding their videos isn't. Nor is it compatible with the dotMobi WordPress Mobile Pack. This scrap of code is a WordPress Plugin. it allows me to write something like [youtube id="p5ACl4iBGd0"] The code then outputs either the XHTML 1.0 embeding code or… Continue reading →

Playing with Wordpress

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I've been fairly happy using to compose and publish my blog posts.  But it's become obvious that it's an old and outdated platform which isn't receiving as much love from Google as it should be. I've been persuaded by Torgo and others to play with Wordpress. All I knew about it before today was… Continue reading →