Achievement Unlocked! Pil Sung Do

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After 10 years of sitting around dodging all forms of physical activity, I’ve finally unlocked an achievement in a real life sport! It will come as no surprise to those who know me that I am not a particularly sporty person. Actually, that’s an understatement; I loath sport. Somehow my mind has used this psychological…

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Lessons From CodeClub

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Last night, I ran my second Code Club at Woking Library – teaching kids how to program using Scratch. We’re following CodeClub’s syllabus which has loads of kid friendly lessons. The first lesson was a great success. It was held before the Christmas break – so I was eager to make sure that interest hadn’t…

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Coding For Kids – In Woking Library

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A few months ago, my friend Adam Cohen-Rose told me that Surrey Libraries were looking for a volunteer to help teach coding to kids. hey @edent Surrey Library Service in Woking is looking for a @codeclub volunteer… know anyone? — Adam Cohen-Rose (@adamcohenrose) August 31, 2012 So, after a few months of negotiations, demonstrations,…

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Councillor Carl Thomson's Deleted Tweets

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Regular readers will know that I think Woking Council’s subsidy of curchgoers is ridiculous, illegal, and unfair. It’s an issue I’ve raised with local councillor Carl Thomson in writing and on Twitter. A few days ago I entered into a discussion with him online about the issue. He has since deleted the tweets. But, as…

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And THE LORD sayeth "Thou Shalt Give Free Parking To The Faithful"

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My local council, Woking, have found themselves in a spot of bother recently. It has emerged that they are subsidising parking charges for specific Christians churches. If you belong to a different church, worship a different god, or just want to go shopping, you have to pay for parking. The total subsidy was at least…

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Open Letter To Jonathan Lord

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(Unlike most “open letters” this one was sent to my MP using the fantastic WriteToThem. I’ve added hyperlinks for context.) Dear Jonathan Lord, I want to thank you for highlighting the inadequacy of South West Trains service from Woking. As commuters for four years, my wife and I are sick and tired of trains which…

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MPs' Expenses – Humfrey Malins

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During the recent furore over MPs attempting to hide their expenses, I wrote to my MP using the wonderful services of Dear Humfrey Malins, I understand that MPs plan to grant themselves the privilege of exempting themselves from Freedom of Information requests concerning their expenses. Whenever I have a business expense, my employer asks…

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