QRpedia Presentation at Derby Museum

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It's always an odd experience to watch yourself speak. Everyone - I think - finds the sound of their own voice really odd. I'm no exception! This is the video from the Derby Museum Backstage Pass where we gave the first public demonstration of QRpedia. The Video Video shot by Nick Moyes. The Slides All…

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QRpedia - Results from First Trial at Derby Museum

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Wow! What a day! I headed over to Derby Museum for the Wikipedia "Backstage Pass" event. I was invited there to talk about QRpedia and how it can improve visitor engagement in GLAM - Galleries Libraries Archives Museums. After the introductions, I had a quick wander around the museum - where I found the first…

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QR Codes for Museums

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Tom Morris pointed me to this interesting discussion about using Wikipedia QR codes in museums. I think it's an excellent idea. It's something I've briefly discussed with Cristianno Betta for his 100 Objects project. There are five key points to the success of such a scheme. 100% of visitors will be scanning these codes on…

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