Review: EgoFit Walker Pro - an under-desk treadmill

Product shot of a woman on a treadmill using a computer.

My doctor told me that sitting at a desk all day was slowly killing me. So I purchased a standing desk adapter. Then my doctor said I ought to take better care of my feet. So I purchased a massaging foot mat to go with my standing desk. Now my doctor says that I need […]

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Job leaving rituals in the WFH era

Laptop covered in stickers.

One Friday last year, I posted some farewell messages in Slack. Removed myself from a bunch of Trello cards. Had a quick video call with the team. And then logged out of my laptop. I walked out of my home office and sat in my garden with a beer. The following Monday I opened the […]

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Notes on using an Android phone as a Webcam on Linux

A settings screen with options to stream over WiFi or USB.

(Written mostly for myself) Install DroidCam I use DroidCam - which converts your Android into a wired or wireless webcam. Set the resolution nano /etc/modprobe.d/droidcam.conf Add the following text: options v4l2loopback_dc width=1280 height=720 Most video call services are limited to 720p, and streaming 1080p and higher via USB isn't always possible. Interact with the Android […]

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Review: Putorsen Standing Desk Adapter

All the kit piled on.

Sitting down all day, every day, is killing me. Well, my doctor thinks it probably isn't brilliant for me and recommended trying a standing desk (as well as boring things like exercising more, drinking less, and eating fewer pies). I already have a fancy WFH desk which holds all my stuff. So I decided to […]

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Why I have intro music on my video calls

"How To Fake Lile You Are Nice And Caring." A still from the film Magnolia.

I've been experimenting on my colleagues (sorry gang!) and I've found that video meetings go a little better when they start with a bit of mood music. This is, of course, highly unscientific and just a little bit silly, but it is fun. I log in to Google Meet a minute before the meeting start […]

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A year of WFL (Working From Linux)

Unix is user-friendly — it's just choosy about who its friends are.

A year ago, I decided to buy a new Linux laptop. I also decided to switch to using it full time for work. I've always used Linux for personal use - but was mostly stuck with MacOS for work. I don't like MacOS. Since I was WFH, I decided to switch to full time WFL […]

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What's the cost of going to work?

A tiny lego Storm Trooper eats a chocolate coin.

(This blog post is going to be UK specific, and biased towards jobs that I've personally done.) How much does it cost to go to work in a physical office? I'm going to try and list all the things I have to pay for just in order to be able to show up. This ignores […]

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Predicting The Future - What 1981 Got Wrong

A microchip with a British flag on it. Technology and the office of the future There is considerable scope for improving the productivity in offices. The major technological advances which will have an impact on this sector are the low-cost VDU, mass data storage, the digital network and voice command by B.W.Manley

As part of my MSc, I fell down a research rabbit-hole of 1980s "Office Of THE FUTURE!!" articles. Ultimately, I couldn't find a way to include it in my research - so you're getting my cast offs. So, I present to you some choice predictions from "Technology and the office of the future" by B. […]

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How to buy team doughnuts when WFH?

A big box of tasty doughnuts.

I have a conundrum. I'm not very good at social stuff. But I know that buying a couple-of-dozen doughnuts it a nice gesture for a team. So, every few months, I used to pony up for a case of sweet treats. I'm not a manager, or team leader, or anything like that. I just know […]

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Is it stealing to read by the light of your neighbour's candle? Or, should companies pay for employees' broadband?

A speed test result.

Back when I worked for an ISP, my employer paid for me to have broadband. I was expected to work from home a few days a month and they needed their workers to have high-bandwidth connectivity. Because it was a business expense, we all received BIG SCARY WARNINGS that the broadband was only to be […]

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