Your webcam cover is messing up your screen brightness

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A laptop with the webcam covered - a green LED is visible.

Here’s something I didn’t know – but should have, because it’s obvious… Your screen’s auto-brightness depends on your webcam. If, like me, you have a privacy cover – this happens: The MacBook I’m using doesn’t have any lux sensors that I can see – most phones have a separate sensor which means the camera isn’t…

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Review: IR Dome USB WebCam – perfect for Raspberry Pi

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Close up on camera lens, sensor, and IR LEDs

The good folk at Ailipu Technology have sent me a fist-sized USB camera to review. This is a cheap and simple way to get external video into a home server like a Raspberry Pi. This is the, slightly cumbersomely named, elp-usb100w05mt-dl36. What’s in the box? The USB cable is around 5 metres long, and is…

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