Using Twitter To Predict The #GE2015 Outcome

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Here’s a very silly idea. Can we use the number of followers each candidate has to predict who will win the election? No, probably not – but let’s give it a try anyway, eh? Hypothesis Support on Twitter – as measured by the number of followers – is a reasonable predictor of electoral success. It…

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Direct Digital Democracy – A Disaster?

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While on the anti-Digital-Economy-Bill protest, I bumped into Denny de la Haye. I’ve known Denny virtually for a while – and he’s commented on this blog a number of times. Denny is standing for parliament in Hackney South and Shoreditch. He is standing on a platform of Direct Digital Democracy.  If he is elected, he…

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VoteUK – Updates

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After the tragic death of Ernest Marples, I’m sorry to say that the site fell in to a bit of disrepair. With no postcode data and no new boundary data, it looked like VoteUK was going to be permanantly out of business. Thanks – once again – to the clever-clogs at TheyWorkForYou, at least half…

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VoteUK – Some Progress!

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As you may recall from previous instalments of my thrilling blog, I’m trying to find the location of every polling station in the UK. This is proving to be rather tricky – if not impossible.  The  data aren’t centrally held and, in any case, polling stations aren’t announced until an election is called. So I…

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Getting People To The Polling Station

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It has always depressed me how little the British make of elections. We don’t have voter registration drive, “Kiss me; I’ve voted” badges” or much in the way of celebrating our democracy. Perhaps it’s our reserved nature. But I think it has a direct effect on the declining number of people voting. We’re going to…

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