Tropo Voicemail Transcription Service

I've been using Ribbit Voicemail ever since SpinVox died. Sadly, Ribbit has croaked. So, how to get my voicemails transcribed and have MP3s emailed to me? Enter Tropo! Tropo makes it simple to build phone, SMS and Instant messaging applications. You use the web technologies you already know and Tropo's powerful cloud API to bring […] Read More

What's Happening With Ribbit Mobile?

I love Ribbit Mobile's voicemail service. It's the perfect replacement for the now-defunct SpinVox. My voicemail gets transcribed (by a human or machine) - then the text is emailed and texted to me. I even get an MP3 recording for later blackmail purposes. But today comes the news that Ribbit is shutting down. Or is […] Read More

Ribbit Voicemail

(Edit 20100315 - Thanks to Mobyaffiliates for choosing this post as Carnival of the Mobilists post of the week!) I'm a long time fan of SpinVox - the Voicemail to SMS service.  In my review of them last year I found seven ways they could improve their service. Due to SpinVox's rather beleaguered year, there […] Read More

Alternative Voicemail Providers

(Usual Disclaimer - I work for Vodafone, but I do not speak on their behalf. Other mobile phone providers are available. I know some of the people at SpinVox and I have an account with them. All biases are my own and should be taken into account before you make a decision.) There has been […] Read More

What I Want From SpinVox

[Full and utter disclosure, I get a free SpinVox service through work. I've also given James Whatley a man hug.] I love my SpinVox service. For the uninitiated, I turns your voicemails into transcribed text messages.  I no longer have to interrupt my day to dial in and listen, I get send a text and […] Read More