A Glimpse Into The Future

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My eye has been caught by a stunning new gadget – the Immortal Video Eye Gear. Head mounted 3-megapixel video camera.  Seamlessly embedded within a pair of innocuous looking sun glasses.  At £250, they’re not cheap.  While battery life looks good at 2.5 hours, they can only record one hour of video. No method of…

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BarCampBrighton4 and High Def Video

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Another weekend, another BarCamp.  This time the Fourth Annual BarCampBrighton. The BarCamp was excellent.  A great bunch of people.  The venue was beautiful, but the lack of walls (and floorboards!) meant that sound bleed was a problem. The problem I have with BarCamps is there are invariably two or three talks which I really want…

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BBC iPlayer on your phone in 4 easy steps (and 2 hard ones)

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I love the BBC iPlayer. Now that it works on Linux (and anything else with Flash 9) it’s a really good way to catch up on shows without having to go to The Pirate Bay and wade through mountains of crap. There are only 2 problems…. 1) I can’t download the shows 2) I can’t…

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