Adding Sign Language to HTML5 video

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Video with overlay.

I watched this video from my colleagues in NHS England – it’s the first time I’ve seen a Sign Language overlay on a Twitter video. Need help fast, but not sure what to do? Go straight to . To find out more about NHS 111 including how to use the NHS 111 BSL interpreter…

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Using YouTube to Transcode Videos to DASH on the Command Line

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This is part of my redecentralisation efforts to liberate my videos from YouTube. MPEG-DASH is a simple method of streaming videos which doesn’t require any specialised server software. You convert a high resolution video into a series of smaller resolution videos. You chop each of the videos up into several chunks. As the video plays,…

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Add date metadata to MP4 videos

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As ever, notes to myself. I hope you appreciate this future me! Photographs often contain EXIF metadata – really useful for finding out when a photo was taken. It turns out that you can add similar metadata to MP4 format videos. Here’s how to do it with ffmpeg on Ubuntu Linux. The magic option is…

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Experiments Using (not quite) Google Glass

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Way back in 2010, I got a pair of video recording sunglasses. I’ve been occasionally using them to “lifelog” what I’m doing. With the advent of Google’s Project Glass, I thought it would be interesting to wear them to a fairly techy event – Not At SXSW London – to see what the reaction would…

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QRpedia Video

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Beautiful video about the work Derby Museum has been doing with Wikipedia & QRpedia. Derby Museum using multilingual QR codes from Andrew James Sykes on Vimeo. In 2011 Wikipedians wrote and translated 1200 new articles to allow the museums objects to read in over a dozen languages using QRpedia codes.

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QRpedia Presentation at Derby Museum

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It’s always an odd experience to watch yourself speak. Everyone – I think – finds the sound of their own voice really odd. I’m no exception! This is the video from the Derby Museum Backstage Pass where we gave the first public demonstration of QRpedia. The Video Video shot by Nick Moyes. The Slides All…

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MobileMonday London – mHealth

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Here’s the captured video from MobileMonday’s Trends in mHealth panel. Presented in glorious HTML5 and hosted on Part 1 Download ()Subscribe: Android Google Podcasts RSS

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HOWTO: Preserving BarCamps

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Oh! Woe is me! I can’t make BarCampLondon 8. This will be the first BarCamp I’ve not been able to get to in ages. Following hashtags is fun, if a little disjointed. What I really need is some way I could attend virtually….. @barcamplondon idea for you: film all sessions & stick them on…

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Video Sunglasses – Further Details

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A few updates on the Video Recording Sunglasses I blogged about earlier in the week. I stuck in an 8GB microSD card and let the glasses record indefinitely. I was curious what would happen when the size of the video went over the 4GB limit imposed by FAT32 – and what happened when the memory…

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A Glimpse Into The Future

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My eye has been caught by a stunning new gadget – the Immortal Video Eye Gear. Head mounted 3-megapixel video camera.  Seamlessly embedded within a pair of innocuous looking sun glasses.  At £250, they’re not cheap.  While battery life looks good at 2.5 hours, they can only record one hour of video. No method of…

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