Vegetarian Prisons

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I once read an excellent article which asked the seemingly simple question “Is Kosher food Halal?” It’s worth a read to understand the politics, religion, cultural assumptions, ecclesiastical law, and bigotry behind the two systems of approved food. To me, the argument is a bit like saying “Who would win in a fight – Chewbacca…

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Vegetarian Caviar

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I love being vegetarian. Don’t get me wrong, there are some annoying aspects of having a restricted diet – but mostly it’s plain sailing. I also love visiting food fairs – but recently it has felt like I’ve seen every vegetarian product under the sun. There doesn’t seem to be much more innovation in veggie…

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The Worst Thing About Being Vegetarian – Part 1

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I’m very happy being a vegetarian. There are, however, some highly annoying problems that all vegetarians encounter. The first is, when going to a Michelin Starred restaurant, only having a single menu choice. Usually it’s cheese salad. Or mushroom risotto. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to have a single item suitable for my dietary…

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