Facebook Mangles Unicode URLs

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Facebook rewrite URLs with Unicode in the path – this is not best practice and could be dangerous. It is possible to create a URL like http://bit.ly/😀 – the Unicode characters are valid in the path. The URL Encoded representation is : bit.ly/%F0%9F%98%80 Facebook mangles these URLs in such a way that it might be…

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The Perils of URL Shortners

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I’m not a big fan of URL shortners – bit.ly, t.co, goo.gl, ow.ly, etc – I understand the need for them, but they seem to offer a fairly poor service in terms of privacy and usefulness. Take this recent example from Vodafone. Aside from the obvious downsides (user doesn’t know where the link will take…

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Expanding URLs in Dabr / Twitter

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I hate shortened URLs with a passion.  It makes it hard to see what a link is and whether I’ve visited it before.  If they fail – like tr.im threatened to do – you lose your links with no way to see where they once went. So, hurrah for LongURLPlease – a service which takes…

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