GovCamp Rules – In Memoriam

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UK GovCamp logo.

The last year has seen an overabundance of death. Some of us got chatting about the various people from the GovCamp community who have died recently, and how we could memorialise them. It used to be the case that we started every ‘Camp with a reading of the rules. A gentle intro to let everyone…

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Notes from GovCamp 2020

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Giant post it notes stuck to a wall.

I’ve been to a fair few GovCamps – the (mostly) annual gathering of Civil Servants who want to explore new ways of working. For a flavour of what they’re like, see scripti electronici passim: GovCamp 2012 (Video of my talk) GovCamp 2015 Tweets only GovCamp 2016 GovCamp 2018 GovCamp 2019 It was great to see…

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What Happens at #GovCamp Stays at GovCamp?

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A dictaphone.

How do you archive a conference? A decade ago, I blogged about how to archive a BarCamp – I don’t think anyone took up my suggestions. I tried to put it into practice, but in this post about 2009’s BarCampBrighton4, half the links have rotted away, cool media-hosting startups have gone bust and eaten the…

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UK Gov Camp Weeknotes

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Edent Shouting into a microphone.

I’m finally feeling like I’m settling into my new role. I spent my Saturday at UK GovCamp – an unconference for Civil Servants. I ran a session on Acronyms in the Workplace. It was hillarious listening to people try to introduce themselves without any abbreviations. “I am the Chief Paperclip Office for the United Kingdom’s…

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