What would a decentralised Uber look like?

Photo of the inside of a Hong Kong taxi. There are about a dozen different phones attached to the dashboard - each running a different app.

Uber are undoubtedly a company engaged in extremely dodgy activity. But, on the other had, they're ridiculously convenient. A few months ago, we landed in a foreign country, opened the same Uber app as we used back home, and booked a cab. It just worked. I didn't need to register for a different version. I […]

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Uber London - Poor Experiences

Uber are a private taxi firm trying to get a hold of the lucrative London market. Their main selling point is an incredibly easy to use app, a fleet of luxury cars, and a hassle free experience. I agree with Paul Carr when he describes Uber's crushing desire to "disrupt" as a fanatical form of […]

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