A love letter to electric power tools

Electric screwdriver reconnecting everything.

When I was seven or eight, I asked Santa to bring me a set of screwdrivers for Christmas. I wanted to take apart my toys to see how they worked1. I also thought they might be useful on our upcoming holiday; if the aeroplane needed repairing mid-flight I'd be able to help2! Santa heard my […]

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Screenscraping Album Artwork From The Linux Command Line

Cover art for The Beatles' Sgt Pepper Album.

Like many people, I've collected a fair number of CDs over the years. As hard-drives and MicroSD cards have got larger and cheaper, I've gradually been ripping them to FLAC. Most CD rippers automatically tag the music files with the correct metadata and, nowadays, they will also download and embed album artwork as well. (As […]

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