Force Directed Graph of the London Tube Map – including CrossRail!

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A multi-coloured force-directed graph.

Force Directed Graphs of the London Underground have been done many times before – but I think I’m the first person to add the new Elizabeth Line (CrossRail). I’ve also created a JSON graph of all of London’s rail services – including DLR, Trams, C2C, ThamesLink etc. Demo Play with it yourself Grab the code…

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When is an Electric Car not an Electric Car? When TfL say so!

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Another middle-class rant about an easily solved problem. Or, how a software bug nearly cost me £80. Things you should know… London has a Congestion Zone. You have to pay £11 to drive through it. If you have an EV (Electric Vehicle), you don’t have to pay the Congestion Charge. Easy, right? Not quite. In…

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The Great(er) Bear – using Wikidata to generate better artwork

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A close up of the map.

One of my favourite works of art is The Great Bear by Simon Patterson. At first glance, it appears to be a normal London Tube map. But look closer… Cool! But there is something about it which has always bothered me. Each Tube line represents a theme – therefore, a station at the intersection of…

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TfL QR Followup – 5,000 scans per month!

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At the start of 2012, I revealed how many scans TfL’s QR campaign was getting. A lot of comments on Twitter & Google+ dismissed these results as a success. A typical response was: 70 scans a day? In a city of millions? Rubbish! This fails to address something that advertisers are conspicuously loathe to reveal…

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Real QR Statistics from TfL

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Last year, I suggested that TfL should use QR codes to point to their excellent mobile countdown service. Looks like someone was listening! I spotted this poster at a tube station. Nestled in the corner is a QR code pointing at the mobile bus countdown service! This is a close-to-perfect use of QR. Points to…

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QR and TfL Countdown

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There are Nineteen thousand, five hundred bus stops in London! Each one of them is (eventually) going to be upgraded with a new real time bus countdown signs. If you’ve got an Internet capable phone, you can get real time information for your bus at The service has a number of cool features, including…

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Microsoft's New Marketing Campaign

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I wander around the world in a perpetual state of confusion. Why is the world the way it is? Why do people make bad decisions? Why – when there are so many better alternatives – do people choose the worst of all possible worlds? Rather than getting bogged down in philosophy, I refer to the…

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Holborn Station and Sousveillance

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Sousveillance (pronounced /suːˈveɪləns/, French pronunciation: [suvɛjɑ̃s]) as well as inverse surveillance are terms coined by Steve Mann to describe the recording of an activity from the perspective of a participant in the activity,[1] typically by way of small portable or wearable recording devices that often stream continuous live video to the Internet. When this London…

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