I Still Don't Want To Be Part of Your Fucking Ecosystem

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One of the most popular blog posts I have written is called “I Don’t Want To Be Part of Your Fucking Ecosystem”. In it, I rant against service providers trying to lock their customers into a monoculture. Companies are always looking for the edge which will make them stand out – they think that restricting…

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Review – Max Value 500Mbps 3 Port Home Plug Adapter (MV171660 NLHP-5003PORT)

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I’ve recently moved in to a new house. The WiFi from my lounge just about stretches to upstairs, but it’s a fairly noisy radio environment as everyone on the street also has WiFi. The 5GHz range is clear as a whistle – but only a few of my devices support that frequency. So! It’s time…

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Prism and Plausible Deniability

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The leaders of several huge corporations have issued statements saying that their companies do not allow the US Government to illegally spy on their users. I’m sure they believe that. I’d even go so far as to say that I’m sure the entire board and top management genuinely have no knowledge of any malfeasance. Why…

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Why Didn't The Romans Invent The Internet?

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In Terry Pratchett’s book “Going Postal” he writes about the impact on the Discworld civilization of the semaphore tower. A new – but relatively basic – technology which revolutionises how people work, play, and interact. It changes the fortunes of the humble and the mighty. It is as useful for individuals as for nation states.…

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Is Samsung Spying on your Printer?

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Compare and contrast… [The] Xerox 914 copy machine […] was used in soviet embassies all over the world. The machine was so complex that the CIA used a tiny camera designed by Zoppoth to capture documents copied on the machine by the soviets and retrieved them using a “Xerox repairman” right under the eyes of…

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The End Is Nigh

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I’ve just seen this amazing short film – The End by Ted Evans Ted also has a blog which talks about all the awards The End has deservedly won. The premise of the film is simple – what if there was a cure for deafness? What if that cure was mandated? What if you refused?…

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Dear Technology World – Please Stop Trying To Give Me An Erection

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Having sex is pretty good fun, isn’t it? I enjoy it. I dare say you enjoy it. But, tell me, is it really appropriate for me to associate your products with having an erect penis? You see, being a heterosexual male, I’m biologically predisposed to be sexually stimulated by images and videos of women in…

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Technology Scams

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Why do some people in the technology community seem so susceptible to snake oil? I suspect it’s because of two things. We trust our friends’ judgement. We are experts in our fields and, therefore, trust our own judgement in matters we don’t fully understand. Compare and contrast the following two statements. On the announcement of…

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Charity QR Codes – A Missed Opportunity?

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QR codes are an awesome free resource for charities. Sadly, they are often misused. Charities can use them to drive SMS donations – here’s a quick example of how this works. Sightsavers Sightsavers is an incredible charity, working hard to combat blindness in developing countries. I’m picking on them only because their poster caught my…

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