Building a Minimum Viable Laptop Sticker Business

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Lots of blinking stickers next to each other.

I made a laptop sticker. Enough people told me how much they liked it, that I decided to sell them. Here's the story of how I (didn't) become a millionaire. Prototype Normally, I'd upload a design to something like RedBubble, and sell the stickers that way. But I couldn't find any sticker companies which sold…

For Sale - Animated Laptop Stickers

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Lots of blinking stickers next to each other.

This Tweet went unexpectedly viral! New blog post!I've built a physical <blink> tag! forgive me 😁 — Terence Eden (@edent) May 21, 2020 Buy them! So I bought 200 of them for use as laptop stickers. I have an understanding wife. After some feedback from the sticker experts at TwenT3 - I redesigned them…

Building a physical <blink> tag!

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This is the latest of my many terrible lockdown-induced ideas. I'm saving money on commuting. So I'm spending it on tech-crap I really don't need. I bought a new laptop sticker. Anyway, enough waffle, here's the end result: This uses 2-frame lenticular printing. History No browser supports the <blink> element any more. It used to…