TSA's QR Statistics

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The TSA have come under fire for many things. Most recently, Fred Trotter has called them out for using a “dummy” QR code which leads to a page the TSA don’t control. An astonishingly lax approach to QR use. Last year, I noticed this QR code as I passed through San Francisco Airport. The code…

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It sounds like a Judoon war cry – “Na Blo Po Mo!” But rather than legions from the Shadow Proclamation, it is an amassed horde of bloggers poised to do battle with the enemy. Gentlemen – the enemy is us. I noticed that I had averaged a blog post every few days in October –…

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Browser Statistics of 10 Downing Street

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It’s really difficult cutting through the hype to see which browsers one should support when designing a website. There are many different measures of popularity – but many sites are only visited by techies, or only ever visited when at work, or are skewed towards the young or the old. Yesterday morning I asked the…

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Prime – My New Addiction

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My new gaming addiction is Prime by 59Pixels. The premise is very simple.  There are blocks bouncing around the screen. You have a limited number of shots to remove a set number of them. Each shot creates an explosion which, if it touches another block, causes that to explode. This can cause a helpful chain…

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