Review: The Force Awakens – live in concert

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Programme flyer.

Long time readers will remember that I was lucky enough to see the premiere of The Force Awakens in London. So I was overjoyed to see that TodayTix had discount tickets for TFA live in concert at THE SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE! It was the last day of our big Australian road-trip, and we’d sailed past…

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You Have To Take People With You

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This post starts off talking about Star Wars, but it isn’t really about that. I enjoyed Rogue One – the newish Star Wars film. It’s not a perfect film, but it was heaps of fun. My only real problem was with Donnie Yen’s character – Chirrut Îmwe. As soon as I saw a Blind Asian…

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Reconstructing 3D Models from The Last Jedi

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Different depth maps of various accuracy

A quick tutorial in how to recover 3D information from your favourite 3D movies. In this example, we’ll be using Star Wars – The Last Jedi. tl;dr? Here’s the end result (this video is silent): Grab the code on GitHub. Let’s go! Take a screenshot of your favourite scene. Something with a clearly defined foreground…

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Building Darth Vader

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Long time readers will know that the happiest day of my life was when I got married. Dressed as Darth Vader. The most expensive thing about our wedding was probably that Vader suit. After nearly 10 years of marital bliss, I got bored at having that gorgeous suit packed away in a box. So I…

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How 3D is Star Wars The Force Awakens?

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This blog post looks at the 3D conversion process for The Force Awakens. Where it succeeds and where it falls short. Last year I managed to blag tickets to the premiere of The Force Awakens – in 2D. The next day, we saw it again in 3D. I’ve never been a huge fan of 3D…

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Deconstructing The Sounds Behind The Lightsaber Dream Sequence

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Just a bit of fun for a Friday afternoon – and spoilers ahoy! Star Wars VII contains the most magnificence dream sequence. When Rey lays her hand on a lightsaber for the first time, the world dissolves as a cacophony of audio hallucinations plague her. It’s a short sequence – lasting just under a minute…

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Review: The Force Awakens Première

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This isn’t a review of the new Star Wars film, it’s a diary entry about my experiences at the première. No spoilers, sweetie! I love Star War. Probably more than is healthy. When tickets for the new movie were released, I snaffled up a pair… for the next morning! Look, I’m getting old, and I…

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Rare Star Wars props, blueprints, and images

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A couple of months ago I noticed there was an auction of Sci-Fi related material in London. The catalogue was amazing! The original Leela costume from Doctor Who, costumes from Star Trek, gizmos from Blade Runner – and a whole bunch of Star Wars props! Sadly, I couldn’t afford the original pieces of the Death…

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Running Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds on Linux

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OMG! Good Old Games has the amazing Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds available for a mere £3.99. That was the game which introduced me & my wife to collaborative gameplay, so I was incredibly excited to see it available again. This is a brief guide to getting the game working on Linux – including multiplayer and…

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Star Wars in Navajo

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There’s something poetic about watching a film you know intimately being performed in another language. Like many children of my generation, I don’t remember a time before Star Wars. My birthday cakes were sloppy green Jabba The Hutts, my brother always got the “baddie” toys and I got the “goodies”, every cardboard tube became a…

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