Spycatcher’s Relevance in 2014

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In 1987 MI5’s former Assistant Director, Peter Wright, released his autobiography. Spycatcher: The Candid Autobiography of a Senior Intelligence Officer. It was immediately banned by the British Government. Although the Internet wasn’t around to facilitate its distribution, it was trivial to obtain copies imported from Australia. As a boy, I remember seeing the publicity about…

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Cryptography and the Coventry Problem

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There’s an ethical conundrum which is often posed to military strategists and philosophers alike. In 1940, the Nazi’s communications encryption had been broken by the British. Military Intelligence were able to decrypt a signal which indicated that the city of Coventry was to be bombed. The military chiefs took this information to the Prime Minister,…

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Is Samsung Spying on your Printer?

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Compare and contrast… [The] Xerox 914 copy machine […] was used in soviet embassies all over the world. The machine was so complex that the CIA used a tiny camera designed by Zoppoth to capture documents copied on the machine by the soviets and retrieved them using a “Xerox repairman” right under the eyes of…

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