A novel method of faster than light communication

A digital watch.

(I *sure* this was the basis a short story I read - but I can't find it. So I'm (re)writing it. If you know of the original, please let me know…!) The speed of light is a universal constant. This "speed limit" is fundamental to everything we understand about physics. Information - when propagated via…

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Investing In People

A tiny lego Storm Trooper eats a chocolate coin.

David Bowie invented the NFT in 19971. The "Bowie Bond" allowed you to directly invest in an artist's catalogue and receive royalty payments based on their sales. Here's how it worked2: You pay money to the artist (Bowie) Artist uses that money to buy the rights to their back catalogue Every time one of the…

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What if British Airways sold passports?

A mocked up passport which looks like it has been issued by the fictional country of Wakanda.

This is neither a serious proposal, nor an official proposal. This is just me thinking in public. Governments are a monopoly. There is only one institution which can grant you a passport - Her Majesty's Passport Office. That's not quite true, of course. You are free to seek citizenship in other countries. And some countries…

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