QR Tetris

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Designer Ming Ling has created the most wonderful QR code constructed out of Tetris pieces. The full size version is a work of beauty. As I've explained before, this works because the QR scanner sees the image in black and white - so light colours disappear. Anything else is covered by the fairly generous error…

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Hiding Space Invaders In QR Codes

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One of the lovely aspects of QR codes is the variable levels of error correction built in.  On even the most basic code you can obscure or deform up to 7% of the code and most readers will still decode it. This leads us in to the amusing territory of "hiding" human readable data in…

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Invasion Paris!

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I love nothing more that a tramp round a city. Taking the Metro in Paris is very simple - and fairly cheap - but the riches you discover wandering around make up for the extra time needed. A few years ago, Miss Geeky introduced me to Space Invader spotting. Dotted around the cities of the…

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