Humin - A Zombie Idea

If you ever listen to the wonderful More or Less podcast, you'll have heard the term "Zombie Statistic." It relates to stats which are factually incorrect - yet keep being circulated. Despite being disproved, they rear their ugly heads again and again. You probably know a few - men think about sex every 7 seconds, […] Read More

Chumming Down

I'm turning into an old curmudgeon. Either that, or the new wave of social marketing has severely missed its intended target. Let me ask you a question, do you want to be friends with your utility company? Your phone provider? Your soft drinks manufacturer? I don't mean "follow-on-social-media" friends - I mean actual buddies. On […] Read More

Predicting The Next Social Network

We're in a fairly mature phase of social networks now. Broadly speaking, most social networks separate out into a few main groups. Eyes - e.g. services like Flickr for pictures and YouTube for moving pictures. Ears - e.g. AudioBoo for voices and SoundCloud for songs. Feet - e.g. FourSquare for where I am now and […] Read More

Why Facebook Makes Me Feel Like A Loser

I'm sat here, in my dressing gown. My fingers are greasy from eating crisps all morning. My back aches because I spent all night playing a stupid video game. The gin hangover isn't helping either. My week off work has been a wash out. I didn't write any code, I didn't cook anything other than […] Read More