Predicting The Next Social Network

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We’re in a fairly mature phase of social networks now. Broadly speaking, most social networks separate out into a few main groups. Eyes – e.g. services like Flickr for pictures and YouTube for moving pictures. Ears – e.g. AudioBoo for voices and SoundCloud for songs. Feet – e.g. FourSquare for where I am now and…

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The Social Pendulum

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Only fools make predictions. So here are my predictions on the future of social media. In the original days of computing, every user had their own computer. Well, Turing had his own computer… Then, everyone had to timeshare on a massive mainframe. Later, every user had their own computer. Now, we’re back to mainframes. Sure,…

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The 10th Anniversary of the Death of the Modern Film Industry

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A long time ago… Ten years ago, I posted on usenet that I’d watched a bootleg of The Phantom Menace. I discovered the post recently and it got me thinking about how little progress has been made in the digital download arena. Picture the scene, it’s my first year at university and, like any good…

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