Bloggers – Beware of the ASA

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Earlier this year, I received an offer from a sleazy marketing company to place adverts on this blog – on the express understanding that they were not identified as sponsored posts. I reported the company – Media Discovery – to the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) who, after a perfunctory investigation, decided not to prosecute. They…

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The Danger Of Auto Displaying Pictures On Twitter

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The UK has the notion of a “strict liability” law. If you are caught with a picture of child abuse – you’re guilty of a crime. It doesn’t matter if it was sent to you unsolicited, or misaddressed. Possession is the crime and there are no mitigating circumstances. On that cheery note, let’s consider Twitter’s…

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Can Social Media Help You Get A Job?

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(I wrote this blog post in 2010. Given that I presented about this idea earlier this year, I thought it was time to publish it.) So, here’s a good story. Having just finished my contract with Touchnote, I was looking for work. A friend of mine tweeted… know any good mobile product manager? We're looking…

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tl;dr – Excluding people, even with a “nominal” fee is exclusionary, and that can be a problem. Before reading this post, you may want to understand what I mean be “privilege“. You should also understand where you are on The Global Rich List. The heavy-handed schmaltz that is Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom made an excellent point…

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The Social Pendulum

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Only fools make predictions. So here are my predictions on the future of social media. In the original days of computing, every user had their own computer. Well, Turing had his own computer… Then, everyone had to timeshare on a massive mainframe. Later, every user had their own computer. Now, we’re back to mainframes. Sure,…

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#TeaCamp – Social Media Guidance for Civil Servants

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On Thursday, I attended my first TeaCamp. It’s a mini-meetup for UK Gov folk doing interesting digital things. These are some random jotterings based on the discussions both at the event and at BeerCamp afterwards. All conversations were under Chatham House Rules. Social Media is a problem for all organisations – whether public or private.…

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Does Your Employer Own Your Twitter Account?

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What happens to your social media profile when you change jobs? Recently, the BBC’s Laura Kunessberg announced she was heading off to ITV. As you've discovered I will become @ITVLauraK in September! Thanks for all the lovely tweets – Back in Westminster tomorrow — Laura Kuenssberg (@bbclaurak) June 22, 2011 Which got me wondering. Why…

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Porn and Social Media #SMCLondon

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This was a talk I gave at Social Media Camp London in 2009. In it, I describe my experiences working with user-generated-content, pornography, and other adult material. This was one of my earliest BarCamp talks, and contains several ideas which now seem quite outdated.I was attempting to warn people about accepting UGC – not only…

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