SMS Spammers

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As I've mentioned before, I hate SMS Spam. Last night, I received this unsolicited message. Now, I can try to unsubscribe using STOP ALL - and I have forwarded the text to VSPAM. But that's not enough for me. I want to stop them sending any more spam SMS to anyone. Let's do a little…

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Charity QR Codes - A Missed Opportunity?

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QR codes are an awesome free resource for charities. Sadly, they are often misused. Charities can use them to drive SMS donations - here's a quick example of how this works. Sightsavers Sightsavers is an incredible charity, working hard to combat blindness in developing countries. I'm picking on them only because their poster caught my…

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Mobile Badvertising: Floors-2-Go Have Crappy SMS Spam

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UPDATED 08 October 2010 How to unsubscribe If you want to unsubscribe from this SMS spam, you have three options. Ring "Dill" on 0121 359 0234 - she works for Floors2Go and will be happy to remove you from the list. Floors2Go purchased your phone number from tmnmedia - who assured Floors2Go that you were…

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