Where are the articles asking why men don't want to have children?

More and more women just don't want children 'Kids are expensive and sticky'

Truly, men have the worse of everything…⸮ But, there's something we blokes can be grateful for. No matter what grief the world throws at us, it'll always be the women's fault that there aren't enough babies! The other day, I saw this headline: The Business Insider article - in the "Economy" section - focussed solely…

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Gendered 2nd Person Pronouns

The Terminator is a terrifying metal skeleton with glowing red eyes.

English is a stupid, irregular language. But at least it doesn't needlessly ascribe gender to inanimate objects. However, I think this is a weakness when using 2nd Person pronouns - especially in fiction. Most literature is written in the 1st person ("I opened the door") or the 3rd person ("She picked up a fork"). But…

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