Different ways to do separators in horizontal text

The HTML5 Logo.

Quite often on the web, you'll see a set of "things" with a separator between them. For example, at the top of this post, you'll see Thing 1 | Something Else | Another Thing. This provides clear visual separation between logical groups. But there are a couple of problems. Firstly, the separator character may not […]

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Semantic Comments for WordPress

The Logo for WordPress

As regular readers will know, I love adding Semantic things to my blog. The standard WordPress comments HTML isn't very semantic - so I thought I'd change that. Here's some code which you can add to your blog's theme - an an explanation of how it works. The aim is to end up with some […]

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Introducing DOI2HT.ML - the simple semantic citation server

Website Screenshot.

Academic citations are hard. One of the joys of the Digital Object Identifier System (DOI) is that every academic paper gets a unique reference - like: 10.34053/artivate.8.2.2. As well as always leading you to a URl of the paper, a DOI also provides lots of metadata. Things like author, publisher, ORCID, year of publication etc. […]

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