What's the lowest positive integer for which there are no Google search results?

Google search page showing no results.

I found this rather humourous Tweet in which a computer issued a cheque for £2,324,252,080,110: Thank you for our compensation payment @Northpowergrid for the several days we were without power following #stormarwen Before I bank the cheque however, are you 100% certain you can afford this? #trillionpounds pic.twitter.com/z5MNc2Nxl1 — Gareth Hughes (@gh230277) February 12, 2022 […]

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Get Paid For Searching?

When the Web was young, and I was even younger, there existed a number of schemes which offered to pay you to surf. Usually this involved installing a permanent advert bar on your PC which tracked your usage and displayed adverts to you. I knew a few people who got cheques from these services - […]

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