Using the WordPress mShots Screenshot API

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The Logo for WordPress

A few years ago, I wrote about Google’s secret screenshot API – a slightly cumbersome way to take website screenshots for free. There’s another service which you may find simpler to use – mShots from WordPress. Here’s how it works: Take any website link: URL Encode it: Add it to the end of…

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Google's Secret Screenshot API

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I’ve been looking for a way to programmatically take screenshots of websites. Most of the solutions I’ve found won’t work on headless servers, require complex libraries to be installed, or cost money. So, what do we do when faced with a knotty programming problem? Hack it! Google has a “Pagespeed” service, it allows any webmaster…

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BlackBerry AppWorld – Pictures and thoughts

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So, RIM have finally released their Application Store (hereafter called AppWorld) Let’s take it for a spin on a BlackBerry Bold (9000 running for those who care about such things). All screenshots taken with the magnificent CaptureIt from The Tech Mogul. You can grab it by pointing your ‘Berry at First off, it’s…

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