Top 10 reasons to attend an all-male event

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There's been lots of talk recently of the dearth of women attending technical conferences. This problem is blown out of all proportion! There are many excellent reasons to attend an all-male tech event: Reduced chance of having an affair while away on business ⚤ Hetrosexuals only! Won't accidentally mistake a CEO for a cocktail waitress… Continue reading →

How I became Leonardo da Vinci on the Blockchain

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Yesterday at the CogX conference, I sat in a room listening to companies pitch their blockchain based startups. Because I hate myself. One in particular caught my attention. On the surface it seems to solve an important economic problem - art forgery and provenance. By putting your artwork on the "BitCoin Blockchain", Verisart will ✨hand… Continue reading →

You Know You're A "Citizen Journalist" if...

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Every single one of your tweets starts "RT". You've no idea who controls that honeypot proxy, hell, you don't even know what a proxy is. Your "source" has an "Islamic" sounding name and uses a hashtag. That's practically evidence. The plural of rumour is news. Unreliable stories should be tagged "UNCONFIRMED" rather than investigated. You're… Continue reading →